Planet Royale: The freshest new arcade Perth has to offer

Looking for something to do in Perth this weekend? Perth has a new multi-story entertainment venue in the heart of Northbridge – Planet Royale. This massive venue incorporates trendy bar, restaurant, theatre, cocktail lounge and arcade spaces. The best part is that it’s jam-packed with nostalgic pop-culture references waiting to be discovered!

Planet Royale pinball machines in the Barcadia venue. Image shows 8 of the pinball machines in a row

Located in the old IMAX building at 12 Lake Street, Planet Royale needs to be at the top of your list of things to do in Northbridge this weekend.

Planet Royale’s venues

Barcadia: Newest arcade bar, Perth

I’m going to call it now – Barcadia is the coolest arcade bar Perth has to offer. On entering your senses are immediately overloaded by the immaculately curated details – the sounds and lights of the games to the right, bright murals adorning the walls, amazingly tacky carpet, the acid-trip style visualisations on the screens around the venue and the rush of people excited by the thrill of a win. Your eyes are drawn to every surface, you don’t want to miss a single pop-culture reference!

The long bar is home to an extensive range of beers and the taps are even animated – another fun little detail. Barcadia also has 4 cocktails on tap which include the 1UP Espresso Martinis and Mario’s Ginger Mule and of course they have a wine list, serving each by the glass or bottle.

Beer taps at Barcadia in Planet Royale. The image shows 10 of the the animated beer taps

Once you grab your drink you’ll want to head straight into the arcade area to check out the huge collection of pinball machines – it’s one of the largest in the country! They have the classics too, like Mario Kart, Big Buck Hunter, Time Crisis and Space Invaders. The games are all $2 and you grab and load a game card to play – no need to worry about coins.

Girl plays Mario Kart at Planet Royale arcade, Perth

Pulp Kitchen

All the gaming is sure to get you hungry and Planet Royale has you covered with their restaurant space – Pulp Kitchen. The Planet Royale menu will not disappoint! This Tarantino-inspired diner serves up American-style meals. Plenty of burgers, burnt ends, ribs, pulled pork, and nachos. There are also a couple of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free options. Their signature dish is of course the Royale with Cheese – a simple burger but at only $10 you can’t afford not to!  

Planet Royale menu, pulp kitchen menu showing their signature dish they Royale with cheese
The Planet Royale Menu

Major Toms: A new cocktail bar, Northbridge

Upstairs is Major Toms – one of the most fun cocktail bars Northbridge has to offer. As you ascend the stairs you’re immediately greeted by a hilarious Last Supper-inspired mural spanning the entire length of the bar. However, in place of Jesus sits Jim Morrison and his ‘apostles’ include Amy Winehouse and Freddy Mercury.

Jim Morrison from the planet royale last supper mural

The vintage vibes are laced throughout the bar. You can find delicious cocktails such as Yoko Oh No, Ground Control and In Bloom and on the cocktail list, which is playfully housed in a VHS cover. The bar space features warm 70’s style décor in the classic brown and orange tones.

The cocktails are flavourful and balanced, but the bar also features beer taps if you’re chasing a more casual beverage. The friendly bartenders shake and stir with speed, particularly important during Royale Theatre show intermissions.

The bar at major toms in Planet Royale

The Royale Theatre

Accessed from Major Toms, the Royale Theatre occupies the old cinema space. The theatre is home to live performances (music, dance, comedy), classic film screenings and host to eSports competitions. The space consists of regular cinema-style seating at the front and exclusive VIP booths towards the back. This is a great addition to Perth’s art and culture scene, you can check out what’s on and buy tickets here.

Live band playing in Royale Theatre

Excitingly, Perth is home to a whole range of new entertainment venues. If you’re looking for things to do in Northbridge this weekend, give Planet Royale a visit. There’s something here for everyone in this new, multi-story entertainment venue.

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